#btconf Berlin, Germany 01 - 02 Sep 2022

Vic Lee

Vic Lee is an artist based in London. A storyteller, typographer, author, muralist and general ragamuffin, Vic’s unique style of art incorporates hand illustration with elaborate design and flamboyant wordsmithery.

A multi award winning artist, he has created murals and collaborated on products with some of the worlds biggest brands and agencies, including Virgin Atlantic, Mercedes, McLaren, Pokémon, The Famous Grouse and The Royal Shakespeare Company to name just a few.

He’s been labelled inspiring, controversial, honest, outspoken and light hearted. Vic will show his transition from a graphic designer of 17 years to becoming an acclaimed artist, his unique thought processes on attracting clients, dealing with rejection and staying positive as well as future thinking.

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If You’re Not Scared, You’re Not Living

As an artist and illustrator, I have had to deal with a huge amount of obstacles, from rejection to ghosting. Which can play a huge part in knocking the self confidence off the shelf, especially working as a one person operation.

This talk will share some insights into how first I have to understand who I am before trying to have any clue who my clients are, and what my practice does and basically deal with the potato gun of shit that is constantly being triggered. How during COVID, losing all my clients and being in a dark place, led to one of my most incredible years. Overcoming those obstacles that can make you feel coiled up like an over wound toy. Basically embracing who you are, believing in yourself and taking ownership without feeling like a victim of your own circumstance.

I will share some projects that made me scared, anxious and left a few sleepless nights, but ultimately became the most exciting ones I have worked on. This talk might change your life, it might not, but there will definitely be some laughs along the way, because scared and laughing is the new therapy.