#btconf Berlin, Germany 01 - 02 Sep 2022

Tiziana Alocci

Tiziana Alocci is an award-winning information designer, data artist, and lecturer in London. Alongside her art production, Tiziana has been working for over a decade as an information designer, collaborating with worldwide creative agencies, brands, and art institutions for the likes of BBC, the British Library, and Wired UK.

Since 2018, Tiziana has been an Associate Lecturer at the University of the Arts London, among other international guest lecturers in major European cities. In 2017, she co-founded Market Cafe Magazine, the world's first independent magazine about data visualisation. Born and raised between the sea and the “vicoli” of Genoa, she lives and works in East London, where she runs her studio playing with pixels, data, and sounds, regularly falling in love with new forms of art.

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Make It Sound

The transference of sound data into visuality

Data exists in many forms: numbers, text strings, social media feeds, and even sound. This talk will explore new ways to communicate information using sound: from data-driven album covers to art installations; this will be a personal take on the exciting world of data sonification. Tiziana will bring you into a journey wrapped in extended visualisations of the unification between sound and two-dimensional forms, only working with sonic material that consistently begins and ends with her — at times including one other person or ambient sounds within the environment.