#btconf Berlin, Germany 01 - 02 Sep 2022

Michelle Chin

Michelle is a Design Advocate at zeroheight, where she serves the design community through knowledge sharing, building bridges, and identifying community needs. She's an advocate for mental health in the workplace and career coaches underrepresented communities in tech. She co-hosts the UX In Real Life podcast that examines what UX is really like at work and in the world around us. Michelle also advocates for environmental justice and tree equity in Oakland, California.

Inviting People In

We’ve retreated to our homes and ourselves during the pandemic. As we find our new normal, it’s time to invite people back in. Our approach to inviting people will be different, especially since many are remotely located on distributed teams. We’ll consider what it means to include people in our circles again and what the benefits are. We'll identify what perspectives your team has, what perspectives it is missing, and why proactively inviting these perspectives matters. Also, we will discuss how to invite people in.