#btconf Berlin, Germany 01 - 02 Sep 2022

Nadieh Bremer

Nadieh Bremer is a data visualisation artist. She graduated as an Astronomer, started working as a data scientist before finding her true passion in the visualisation of data. As 2017´s “Best Individual” in the Information is Beautiful Awards, she focuses on visuals that are uniquely crafted for each specific dataset, often using large and complex datasets while employing vibrant color palettes. She’s made visualisations and art for companies such as Google News Lab, Sony Music, UNICEF, the New York Times and UNESCO.

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Visualising Connections

Connections are a part of us, of the world. From the connections between people, between cultures, within language, and more. In these days when more data is collected daily than we could ever hope to explore, the variety in connections being gathered is opening up the possibility to visualise these (often complex) networks.

During this talk, Nadieh will take you through the design process of several of her (interactive) data visualisation works, from personal projects to client work. The common thread they all share, is that they all reveal connections, but all differently. From a family tree of 3000 people connected to the European Royal houses, to those existing between our Intangible Cultural Heritage created for UNESCO, to connections we have drawn in the night skies, something with cats and dogs, and more. Revealing that all types of connections are unique and revealing the intricacies that lie within them requires a creative, iterative and custom approach.