#btconf Berlin, Germany 01 - 02 Sep 2022

Espen Brunborg

Espen is a Norwegian designer and one half of Brunborg & Brunborg, a tiny agency based in Dundee, Scotland. After graduating as a graphic designer he started his career as a magazine designer in Edinburgh in 2006. Two short years later, he was fired from his second ever job as a designer, setting in motion a chain of events that, amongst other things, lead to him co-founding digital agency Primate, heading up the design team at Oslo-based marketing agency Hyper, designing digital products for Hava Media, and being invited to speak at events around the world.

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Dragon Slayer

You wake up, severely underdressed, in a slow moving wooden cart alongside what appears to be a small group of prisoners. One of them looks like a developer of some kind, another one a beaten up Project Manager. Surrounded by tall pine trees, feeling the cold, wet air biting into your skin, you try to gather your thoughts. You can’t remember how you got here, but you instinctively know what lies ahead: Your career as a designer.

In the distance, high above snow covered mountains you see a faint shadow moving across the sky.

Was that a … dragon?