#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 20 - 22 Nov 2011

Chris Heilmann

Chris Heilmann has dedicated a lot of his time making the web better. Originally coming from a radio journalism background, he built his first web site from scratch around 1997 and spent the following years working on lots of large, international web sites, spent a few years in Yahoo building products and explaining and training people and is now at Mozilla. Chris wrote and contributed to four books on web development and wrote many articles and hundreds of blog posts for Ajaxian, Smashingmagazine, Yahoo, Mozilla, ScriptJunkie and many more.

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Breaking the barriers - moving browsers and the web forward

Yeah, OK. We did a lot of cool stuff to HTML and CSS. We also are quite on the way to make plugins obsolete. But somehow we are not quite there yet when it comes to making browsers a real platform for development.

Hardware we use has a lot of features that is not available to us using the open web stack (html,css,js) and when we build inside the browser we are always limited to the space the browser gives us. Well, no point in complaining as there is more to web development than having pages inside a browser.

In this talk Chris Heilmann will show a glimpse into the near future on what is possible with browsers and the web as a platform. The technologies of the web are flexible enough to allow us to build amazing connected experiences for our end users. All we need to do is say "yes" and have a go!