#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 20 - 22 Nov 2011

Tomas Caspers

Tomas Caspers' main asset is that he always thinks web projects through to the end. Since 1995 he has been working as a consultant for major corporations, NGOs, and government authorities. He conceptualizes, designs, and creates web­sites, writes articles and tutorials, gives talks, and loves to share his knowledge from numerous successful projects through lectures, conference sessions and workshops. Even though he is widely regarded as a leading accessibility expert, he refuses to carry the job title because, in his thinking, accessibility should be a natural component of every web project right from the start.

How to sneak Accessibility into your project without anybody noticing it

How many times have you heard „Oh, we don't have any blind users" from the very same people who wrote “Full WCAG2 compliance” into the specs in the first place? So we as developers and designers find ourselves all too often squeezed in between a rock that is budget constraints or client requirements and a hard place that's laws and regulations. But accessibility is not about code or compliance, it's about people, and the best way to make sure that accessibility is rooted into a project at the earliest possible stage (which is right from the beginning) is to use accessibility personas in your user stories.

Tomas shows how to make sure that all your visitors, regardless of their abilities, get to use all the cool stuff that you come up with without adding to the overall budget and still be compliant with the law.