#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 20 - 22 Nov 2011

Simon Collison

Simon is a UK-based web designer with over a decade of experience at the sharp end. Simon co-founded the successful Erskine Design which he ran for 4 years before returning to freelancing. He's written a few books and speaks about design at events around the world. Simon also organises the New Adventures events, is working on a new book, and a few ambitious top-secret projects.

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Notes from the Edge

Craftsmanship and communication are at the heart of everything we do on the web. With our ability to understand and overcome challenges, we should deliver engaging experiences without compromising our integrity or failing the end user. Still, we're often naive and we make the same mistakes over and over. We get hung up on our tools and confuse our goals. It's time to think and talk smarter, get our priorities straight, and learn from our mistakes.