#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 20 - 22 Nov 2011

Jon Tan

Hello, I’m Jon. Welcome to my bio. Sorry, but there is no third person, just you and me. My real name is Jon Tan, but the Web calls me @jontangerine. I’m a designer. I co-founded Fontdeck. I’m part of Analog, a co-operative of friends working on a new app called Mapalong, an event called Brooklyn Beta, and a co-working studio called Mild Bunch HQ. I like co-doing things, because it’s more fun to work on good things with good people. My addiction to web typography has led me into co-writing a book about it. I hope the International Society of Typographic Designers doesn’t strip me of my membership afterwards. Occasionally, I write for publications like 8 Faces, and The Manual, and try to help organisations like the BBC. Most of all, I try to avoid ignominious defeat when wrestling with my two young sons.

Welcome to the brave new world of web type

It’s a brave new world of web typography, but designers still face the same tasks they always have on the Web. How to choose and set type beautifully for display, headlines, and at large sizes, as well as how to do the same for body text, at small sizes. Our paper has changed to pixels, and typefaces are changing with it. This talk navigates the world of web type, and explores the why as well as the how of setting type beautifully, on the Web, today.